Posted: January 8, 2010 in Poetry

Here is a short one, but one that I care about for a couple of reasons.

CONTEXT: February, 2006

There is a series in Ottawa called Dusty Owl, which is the first place I actually performed on stage. Capital Slam may have been what got me to start but Dusty Owl was where I actually stepped up to the mic.

The first Dusty Owl I ever went to featured Q, the Romantic Revolutionary. At the show I learned about something called the Object of Desire.

The OoD is a contest they used to run where they would show you an “utterly prosaic” item that was likely purchased at a dollar store. During the show the goal was to write something inspired by that item.

In this night, the item was a little glass salt shaker. Now I ended up not competing because we had to leave before that segment of the show happened, but it was still the first time I tried the challenge. I got pretty good at it a little later.

I eventually performed this poem when I came back as a feature at Dusty Owl. It was after I made the 2007 Capital Slam team and two of my teammates, Nathanael Larochette and Mehdi Hamdad, then going by the stage name One, joined me to feature at Dusty as a fundraiser for our team. I decided to perform this piece (among other things, obviously). After the show I had a couple of people tell me they really liked the piece but when I discussed it with them, I realized they had no idea what it was about.

HINT: It isn’t about salt. 🙂


Some talk of spice as variety
And that life is better off with it


How bland would the world be
Without spice?

Yet we don’t seek it out

To most, the world is not spice
But salt

It flavours your life
Without transforming it.

Salt piled on your kitchen table is messy.
It spills on the floor
Giving you bad luck

So we put our salt in a little glass bottle

So we can look at it
But keep it orderly

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