Posted: January 11, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: March, 2006

Up until this point, I had done only freeform poetry and I decided to try something with a rhyming structure… with mixed results. I am not a fan of a basic rhyming structure, to the point where there are some poets I would like to sit down with and discuss that very thing! It is my own bias of course, but now I find that (for the most part) a simple rhyming structure makes your poem sound simple and that is rarely a good thing. (Not never, mind you, but rarely.)

I like the sentiment in this poem, but not the basic structure. (Note: I am not opposed to rhyming, it just has to have a more advanced rhythm or a better mix of phrases than what I have here.)

Never slammed, possibly never performed, but I may have read it at one of my early Dusty Owls.

The theme bears some similiarities to ‘Bush Voter’ by Kevin Matthews, though not executed as well.


Dollar bills, dinero, cash
How much do you have in your stash?
You see money is our scorecard
Like the car in your yard
Or who has the biggest house
Whether you are a louse
Or a righteous human
Has no bearing if you are zooming
Ahead in the race of the rats
Let’s slow down and hear the facts

If you do good work you are rewarded
With money
If you suck up you are rewarded
With money
If you get lucky you are rewarded
With money

Assuming you are doing something
Valued by the market. Bring
A piece of art or philisophical notion
That changes our thoughts. An ocean
Of money is dropped at your door.
No? Is that why most artists are poor?

As long as money guages our wins
It is the market that ultimately pins
The medal on the chest of the rich
Is this right? There is one hitch.

If the market creates the rules
Then the market punishes the fools
Who don’t play in that game.
If it is all the same
I’d prefer we set our own values
And not let the market use
Us as commodities to be traded.
But when we win, we are elated.

Look, I’ve read Wealth of Nations
And I don’t want to try your patience
But remember that economics is a social science
And let those multi-national giants
Listen to your voice for a change
And not just the New York Stock Exchange

To them, you are just a number, you see
And without a new scorecard, that’s all you’ll be.


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