Jump Rope

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Poetry

The next couple are a lot shorter than my usual poems, mostly because they were both written in about five minutes.

CONTEXT: September, 2006

Back in the entry for Salt, I mentioned the Dusty Owl Object of Desire competition.

Let me recap. At the start of the show, Steve Zytveld presents an ‘utterly prosaic’ item and those that take up the challenge write a piece inspired by it sometime during the show. At the end of the show each person performs their piece and the winner is determined by the ‘scientifically accurate applause-o-meter’ (the decibel levels on the sound board). The winner gets the item and theoretically the work will appear in an upcoming Dusty Owl publication. I say theoretically because in the four years I have been in the community, this hasn’t yet happened. 🙂
Often it is the funniest entry that gets the prize, but not always (as shown below. Not exactly a side-splitter.)

This is the first one I actually entered (I had to leave early the night that the salt shaker was up for grabs.)

This time it was one of those long, multi-coloured jump ropes that little girls use for double-dutch (or whatever the skipping stuff is called).

I won. The jump rope has a ‘place of honour’ on my shelf as the first thing I ever won with my poetry.

    Jump Rope

Spinning the rope round
Hop Hop Hop
Creating a protective cocoon of colour
Stop Stop
Stop the outside world from penetrating
The perfect globe of joy
So fragile – so delicate
The world stays out by convention
As a single thrust breaks your concentration
And the rope spins out of control

No more tisket
No more tasket
No more of any sort of basket

The world wins – once again
At least until the rope spins
And the rhymes begin


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