Posted: January 22, 2010 in Poetry

I want to start this post by mentioning a fellow poet here in Ottawa named Prufrock. I already knew he was talented, but he has a new CD out and he did a feature set at the Oneness Poetry Showcase last night. He really blew me away. The dude is amazing. I expect he will be a major voice at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word this year, whether part of the Capital Slam or Urban Legends team.

CONTECT: October, 2006

The same context as the last post, really. Another Dusty Owl – another Object of Desire competition – another win!

This time the object was a black plastic basket. The kind you use for organizing papers or whatever. (At least that is what it is NOW used for 🙂 )

The feature at this show was John Akpata. I remember that because Dog the sound guy made a joke about having a ‘big black basket, just like John’ for his entry into the competition.


There is beauty in chaos
Wind flipping a pile of papers
Spinning amongst the detritus
Trash dances and capers
Leaves fall and blow
Laying on the pavement
And following the gutter flow
So I wonder where love for chaos went

We expect our lives to be orderly
Even if we live sloppily
The ideal is to be sanitary
Or at least not slovenly
We keep things neat
Standards we meet
Chaos we defeat

Everything in its place
Little baskets, little boxes
Shelves, cupboards and closets

There is beauty in chaos
In disequilibrium
Asymetrical glory

So stack the basket with your bills
Line the shelves with your books
Hang your clothes
Perfectly pressed
And starched
And clean

But on your way out
Tap that picture frame
Knock it askew
Look at it again


So I am off to Kitchener this weekend to compete in the SpeakOut poetry slam, along with Ian Keteku and Prufrock.

When I come back I will post a poem that appeared on the first CD I was ever on: Live at Capital Slam 2007

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