Ode To A Spoon Rest

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Poetry

Question of the day, folks… do we like it when I talk about other poetry related stuff in this blog (like yesterday’s Kitchener adventures), or do we prefer when I stick to chronicling my poetry history (which is the main point of the blog).

Well? Speak up! (Or SpeakOut, as it were.)

CONTEXT: October, 2006

This is another Dusty Owl Object of Desire entry. This one was for a spoon rest (duh). I didn’t win with this one, but I got something better out of it… another poem! I later wrote My Creation Myth, inspired by Ode To A Spoon Rest. That will appear four poems from now.

Other than the people sitting in the bookstore the day I read this poem (it was a Jeff Cotrill feature, I think…), it has never seen the light of day.

    Ode To A Spoon Rest

In the beginning there was a spoon
It was content
But it sensed something was missing
So on the first day it decided to make soup

On the second day
Came the pot of water
It was a good pot and the water was pure

On the third day the pot was introduced to flame
And the water was boiled

On the fourth day came the vegetables
Grand they were, chopped and diced
Into bite-sized pieces of joy
Each carrying the promise of tastes undiscovered

On the fifth day came some little rotini
Corkscrew pasta makes everything better

On the sixth day the spoon went to work
First it stirred
Then it offered up tastings
Then it ladled
And the soup was distributed, far and wide

And on the seventh day, its task completed
The spoon rested


Next we get my first attempt at a love poem…

  1. nadinethornhill says:

    I want to read any and all poetry-related content you care to share in this space!

  2. […] Next up is the piece inspired by an Object of Desire poem. […]

  3. […] when I did the Dusty Owl Object of Desire competition for the Spoon Rest, I kind of liked the hook and decided to write a more ’serious’ version of the […]

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