Posted: February 4, 2010 in Poetry

Congrats to Voices of Venus for the Capital XTra Hero nomination. Well done.

This Saturday is Capital Slam, featuring Kiki Mahy. Remember that this month priority will be given to anybody who hasn’t slammed yet this season, so if you have been thinking about coming out to perform but haven’t, now is the time!

CONTEXT: January, 2007

This is a simple poem I did for Dusty Owl’s Object of Desire competition. It was for a small wastepaper basket. I didn’t win, as I got trumped by Dog’s funny thing (“I am a writer, so I need a wastepaper basket…”

Nothing else to say here. It wasn’t exactly ground breaking.


We all collect things
Books or art or kitschy bling
But we also gather
What we would rather
Never have heard
We claim we are inured
And have thick skins
Yet we are pinned
By the harshest comments
No matter the intent

Our failures, imagined or real
Leave us to feel
Less than we are
We may travel far
But we never let go

We feel stupid
We feel ugly
We feel diminished


We strip the layers away
And get a little better, day by day

Drop in the wastebasket
One insult
One meaningless crack
One well meant ‘constructive criticism’
Until we are who we were
And not who others have made us


Next is a slam poem that was my second piece inspired by John Akpata.

  1. Amazon Syren says:

    Thanks for the congrats! 😀

    <blockquote cite="We strip the layers away
    And get a little better, day by day"

    Now that’s a life-long process if ever there was one.

    Looking forward to seeing the poem-inspired-by-John. 🙂

    – TTFN,
    – Amazon.

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