Posted: February 5, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: January, 2007

It what was the start of something big, Danielle Gregoire created the “rural tour”. It included a Live at Capital Slam 2006 CD release party out at the (woefully missed) Ironworks in Almonte. I wasn’t on that CD, but we came along anyway and I performed Love Poem on the open mic to kick off the show.

After it was over, John Akpata was talking about a poem he was working on (that ended up being the piece he did for the CBC Poetry Face-off All-Stars edition), while he was peddling copies of Kerheb, his CD. As he sold some he made a crack about now having grocery money.

That one line inspired this entire poem. I remember contacting John and asking permission to mention him in this piece (since it refers to something he MAY have not wanted broadcast).

When I performed it, I paired it with Life and came second… still missing that first ever win. 🙂


I am very tired
Not from lack of sleep
But from the way the world
Can wear you down
By behaving in ways
That bely common sense and decency

I am tired of going to a job
With a very tenuos benefit
To my fellows
I am tired of the look I get
When I answer ‘What do you do?’
With ‘I am a writer and a poet.’
When what they are really asking
Is ‘how do you pay your bills?’

I am tired of feeling like
The oldest person in the room
And I’m tired of trying
To relate to people my pwn age

I’m tired of Tom and Katie
Ben and Jennifer
And Brad and anybody

I’m tired of greed and deceit
Being considered more ‘profitable’
Than honesty and goodwill

I am tired of Paris Hilton being a celebrity
While John Akpata has to hawk CDs
At a local poetry show
To get grocery money

I am tired of American Economic Imperialism
And I am tired of American Military Imperialism
And the fact that they have turned into the same thing

I am tired of the War on Terror,
The War on Drugs,
And any other war you can think of

I am tired of hearing right wing pundits
Talking about running the government
More like a business
As if that was a new idea
And not something that has been tried and failed
Over… and over… and over…

I am tired of claiming I don’t care
About my slam scores
And I’m tired of caring about them

Mostly, I am tired of complaining

We don’t need more complaints
We need more change
Change from the only people
That can change anything
Me and you
It is time to change the world
And as soon as I figure out how
I’ll let you know

But for now the world is winning
By beating me down
And I’m getting really tired of it


So, I am still tired of most of that… but not quite all. 🙂

Byt I am still really tired.

Monday I will post the poem that I consider my big breakthrough as an artist.

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