Posted: February 16, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: August, 2007

Not much to say on this one. I wrote it as a counter to the ‘good old days’ ideas… but that’s it.

I remember performing it at… Oneness, I think, but that’s it.
The song line is from Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, which I was in, once upon a time, at the MacPherson Theater in Victoria. I played one of Joseph’s brothers.


Do you remember those
Lazy days of childhood
That seemed to last for a week?
Running through fields of
Long grass and dandelions
Or splashing your feet in a shallow creek?
I remember a triple to left-center field
Listening to cheers as I dove
Back to the bag.
But I also remember waking in a sweat
Nightmares so real, I thought I would die
Going to bed was a time of dread
Due to the terrors inside my head.

Do you remember your teen years
Sneaking out late and sharing
Illicit beers?
Dreams were vivid and strong
And we all knew it wouldn’t be long
Before those dreams were coming true

I remember something else
A drifting brain trying to find
A purpose in life
And trying to divine the dividing line
Between different meaning weird
And different meaning unique.

#Do you remember the good years at Canaan#
I remember the stage and the lights
The thrill of the crowd
And the jitters of opening night
But I also remember the reflected glory
I was never the star
I wouldn’t go far
That was someone else’s path
So I stepped away from the stage
And stayed away for twenty years

Do you remember when they pulled down the wall?
A new dawn seemed to shine
In the reflection of Roger Watts’
Out-of-context extravaganza.
Well, I remember watching planes
Crash and towers fall
And wondering how we had
Come back to this.

Peace lives in our hearts
But our hands clutch guns

Do you remember the plans you made?
The promises to yourself
And the dreams that seemed to fade.
All the things you were going to do
And the things you are still planning, too.

Plans are like memories in reverse
Things about which you converse and rehearse
But never actually do
Bad memories pushed out by good
And you live in the world of
Should, could and would

When was isn’t is
And is is just will be
The days click by in a haze
Of were or could be
Frozen with inertia or ennui
We don’t get to be
Who we want to be

I don’t want to live remembering glory days
White-washed into a sepia coloured haze
And I don’t want to be forever seeking
Always planning, never reaching

Enough living for tomorrow or yesterday
It is time to do instead of just say
I hope you join me when I say
The right time is right now
The right day is today


Probably no up date tomorrow, but Thursday I will put up a poem I wrote for a fellow member of the 2007 Ottawa Slam Team.


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