All is One

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Poetry

Still tired. Still sore. My office is still in pieces.

CONTEXT: September, 2007

Co-incidentaly, as Shane Koyczan continues to be the talk of the community, I have a story tied to this poem… about Shane Koyczan!

After the Capital Slam Team was formed in June, our first performance as a team was to open for Shane at the Mercury Lounge.

For me, that was huge. HUGE. I still felt like (was) a major neophyte and this would the biggest name I had performed with (still is, I suppose…)

I can’t recall what I performed, but I do remember that I wasn’t very happy with my performance.

After the show we went out for drinks with Shane and Danielle tried to pay him for the show. He wouldn’t take the money. He instead donated it back to the team with instructions on what to do with it. He had been on teams before and he also knew that Ottawa had a rep of very close-knit teams. To support that, he gave us the money to split and use to buy a journal for another team member. We would then take the journal and write a poem in it FOR the team member that we were giving it to.

Great idea, right?

So at our next team meeting we drew names. I drew Mehdi Hamdad, who then went by the stage name ONE.

I bought him a journal that was all hand-made paper… I thought he would like that. Then I wrote a poem that played off his old catch-phrase: “I am One as We are One!”

(As an aside… my name was drawn by Free Will. He wrote me a poem, which I have heard, but I don’t have a copy and have never seen the journal he was supposed to buy for me. Jerk.) 🙂

Further side… this is the first poem I ever wrote using the power of the internet. Wikipedia can be your friend…

We performed the poems and gifted the journals at our last show before we went to Halifax in October.

    All is One

Ten fingers to count down
All the ways the world has failed
Or succeeded
Ten toes to feel the earth
And the dirt and the rocks
And the worms
Ten reasons to remember
We are alike

Nine tried in New Haven
Seeing if justice and politics
Can be seperated.
Shouldn’t life and death

The group of eight
Bringing musical adventure
To Spain
Knowing that when art is
Only conservative
It can’t truly represent the world

The Magnificent Seven,
Of London, not the
Japanese Western.
Where many were laid to rest,
The cycle of life continued.

The Big Six banks
Announcing record profits
And record lay-offs
Apron strings replaced by purse strings
Instead of heart strings

The five families
Trying to rule through might and fear
Criminal minds and violent crimes
They should try running for office

Four evangelists
Passing on teachings of one they thought divine
Even if not, can it still not teach?
Does something have to have happened to be true?
A book is a book. Take from it what is good
And leave the rest

The Big Three of the magic tv
Losing their stranglehold on our eyes and brains
Though the medium itslef never loses its grip.

Two hearts, two minds, two souls
Brought together can be the greatest
Beauty of all

Through all of this
Politics, money, race, religion
There is a thread

A thread that is tangled
Or curved
But never broken
It ties judge to defendant
Rich to poor
Christian to Muslim
You to me
All we are and all we can be
We are one


Tomorrow we get my initial response to the Halifax criticism.

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