Does It Transform You?

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Poetry

Rough weekend. Too many little things adding up to a brain-lock.

One week until my ultimate geek birthday.

CONTEXT: March, 2008

Anyone who has ever done one of Danielle K.L. Gregoire’s poetry workshops knows she likes to do an excercise where everyone writes down a word. Then the words are shuffled and you are given one randomly and are then asked to write a poem including or inspired by that word.

I have helped Danielle run a handful of these workshops and I always do the exercises. This time the word I was given was Walrus.

Walrus? What do you do with walrus?

I turned it into a Beatles reference and then talked about my favourite subject… art.

    Does It Transform You?

Does it transform you?
Does it bring you to a new place
Moving outside time and space
And back in?
Does it open hidden doors
That have been locked so long
That you don’t remember what
You have hidden away?

Do you find yourself on
A magic carpet ride
Over vistas unimagined,
Or can you imagine
A world with no borders
Like John Lennon did
Or can you be the walrus
Or the tambourine man
Or do you need more than love
Or peace
Or life.

Does it transform you?
Do you see colours in your ears
And hear notes in your eyes?

Does it transform you?
Does it bring down the city walls,
Uproot the farmer’s fields
And drain the seas of their
Expressionless expressions
And recreate it all.

Does it show you who you are,
Who you were,
Or who you want to be?

Does it transform you?

Is it art?


Next is another poem written for one of these exercises.

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