Spring Hues

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: April, 2008

This one comes from another of Danielle K.L. Gregoire’s poetry workshops. As I mentioned in Does It Transform You?, I have assisted Danielle in a number of her workshops and I took part in the exercises. The key one involves random words being assigned to you which you need to use in a poem (or be inspired by etc…)

My word this time was YELLOW.

The first thing that came to mind when I got the word was the line from the Coldplay song that Kevin Matthews quotes in his poem Love Song of Roy G. Biv.

I discarded that reference as the main theme, but still made mention of it, since that is what first came to mind.

    Spring Hues

With rainbow hues
Falling into view
Splitting from light
Through prism’s cold embrace
The colours spill across
Like a lover’s touch –
But that is someone else’s poem
Told on some different day.
Follow the spectrum looking
For that special range that makes you
Is it blue?
Is that the true nature of your eye’s
Green? Red?
Beautiful indded
But for me it is yellow.
A brave colour despite a slanderous
Brave enough to force its way
Past the earth and the cold
Pushing aside the snow
In the form of smiling daffodils.
They have help though –
A beaming yellow sun
That works on plants
Like it does on Superman,
Bringing strength beyond that
Of normal men.

Yellow is spring
Sharing its mantle with green
Or the blue sky
Turning red to orange
As the powerful sun gives
Way to the indigo dusk
As the prism reclaims its
Allowing light to give way
To night.


Next up is a piece inspired by an ad I saw while riding the bus.


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