Movie of my Life

Posted: April 26, 2010 in Poetry

I went out to Carleton to see Brook Yung (aka b.yung) who was in from New York. I was familiar with him from Brave New Voices, but MAN he was good. I mean REALLY good. One of the best spoken word artists I have ever seen.

CONTEXT: July, 2009

After Conspiracy of Shame I was a little drained, emotionally and creatively. When I finally did put pen to paper again, it was because Greg had announced the anniversary show for the Bill Brown 1-2-3 Slam. It was an invitational, head-to-head event and I was invited as a member of the Capital Slam team.

I needed a one minute poem so I wrote this one. That’s it. Nothing exciting.

(Aside: In the first round I wehtn against Mehdi Hamdad and performed this. I won. In the second round I was against Leigh Gibson and performed When I’m Gone. I moved on again. In the third round I was against Ian Keteku. I was pretty sure I was done at that point so instead of performing Blue, Black or Red, as I had planned, I did ‘1968’ (which should go up tomorrow), that I had just written and had to read. I lost in the only 5-0 clean sweep of the night.) 🙂

    Movie of My Life

When they make the movie of my life,
It won’t be a big budget
Extravaganza filled with computer
Generated special effects.
It won’t be a summer blockbuster
Designed to distract and
Extract large tracts
Of greenbacks to retract
Intact an uncracked
Black bottom line.
In fact,
The movie of my life
Won’t appear on any Top 10 lists
Or honourable mention lists
Or most-overlooked lists,
Even as it is most overlooked.

The movie of my life
Will be billed as a tragedy
Because making it a comedy
Would be too cruel.

The movie of my life
Will be devoid of any drama,
Intrigue or mayhem.
It may have intriguing dramatic pauses,
Linked together until the pauses
Pass pause and parse patience perfectly,
Until it becomes awkward
And awkward is the theme
Of the movie of my life.

A confusing melange of mixed messages
And morose meanderings
Acclaimed as a cerebral triumph
By arrogant movie critics
That assume that the lack of a point
Is a point worth pointing at
Leaving the viewer with a heavy sigh
And the realization
That the book is always better
Than the movie.


Next is a little trip through the history books…

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  2. […] So, I have been working on my poetry – both with the new CapSlam team and in a workshop with Ikenna Onyegbula and Brandon Wint, and I said, the hell with it. I want to slam. So I went looking through my poems and found the only short piece I ever did well with at Bill Brown, Movie of My Life. […]

  3. […] a solid one-minute poem. I went three rounds in on his first head-to-head anniversary show with Movie of My Life. That was the only one minute poem I ever had even a bit of success […]

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