I Want to Believe

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: October, 2009

So why is it can I claim to believe in everything yet refuse to believe whatever a church tells me?

It is because I believe in possibilities while True Believers believe in certainties. I don’t believe in certainties.

In fact, I am somewhat distrustful of those who are completely certain of something without any proof to support it. Why would you accept something as gospel (pun intended) from nothing more than the word of some guy, or group of men who have drafted a document in order to support thier own cause?

In fact, I have very severe doubts that someone like the Pope actually believes in the things he says. It is all about control.

Now, does that mean I think nobody should believe in a god? I never said that. Believing in a higher power and beleiving in a church are VERY different things.

I believe in the possibility of a god in the same way that I believe in the possibility of ghosts, aliens, and time travel.

I just refuse to rule it out because I refuse to assume that I understand everything about the universe and how it works.

I have heard that some scientists say everything is impossible until it is proven possible.

I say everything is possible until we achieve universal knowledge.

    I Want to Believe

What do you see when you
Close your eyes?
What do you see when you
Open them?
The question isn’t
Cynical versus naive,
It’s cynicism versus mysticism.
It’s the dark versus
The light within ’em.
The seen versus the unseen,
The seem versus the unseeming.

Well, I want to believe
In life beyond the stars,
Flying through the clouds
In turbo-charged rocket cars.
Insect people skittering around
And furbound wookies making
Those growling sounds.
Don’t tell me about
Statistical probabilities
Of spontaneous life generation
Because I want to believe
That the universe isn’t just for us
To make sense of.
I didn’t want to think about us
Wasting more than just the earth
In a cosmic puzzle
That we are actively ignoring
And destroying.

I want to believe
In super-science and the super-natural
Superscientifically finding the answers
To all of time and space –
Time travel, teleportation
And faster-than-light flight
Breaking physical laws
With no possibility of arrest.
Reminding us that what we know
To be true
Is only what we know so far
And we are just
Getting started
Like a baby discovering
Her toes for the first time
With so much more still
To learn.

I want to believe
In magic.
Elves and fairies and ghosts
Speaking to us from another age.
Things that go bump in the night,
Quests to distant lands
That can only be performed
By that nine year old kid
That somehow leads all the forces of good.
I want to believe in that
Spike of colour peeking
Past the concrete and blank faces
Of our modern world.

I want to believe
In somebody watching over us,
A kindly grandfather with a
Long white beard and flowing robe
Changing the world with a thought.
Helping us find our destiny of
Pre-destined freedom of thought
And action.
A contradictory idea that can only
Be possible by divine intervention
That overrides logic and common sense.
I want to believe that the sunset
Was painted from a cosmic canvas,
Carefully culled pigments, not all
Visible to a mortal eye.

I want to believe…
It what I can’t see
But a crushing onslaught of
Reason keeps me from opening a
Heart to the possible/impossible
And I need to seek salvation elsewhere.

So I want to believe
In the things I can
See, hear and feel.
I want to believe in poetry.
I want to believe in the laugh
Of my fairy god-daughter.
I want to believe in the light
Behind the eyes of the love of my life
That nobody else can see.
I want to believe that
Art and beauty IS reason
And love is enough.

Then I will see that I
Do believe in all the
Magic and science
And religion that I need.

I want to believe in truth.
I want to believe in us.
I want to believe.


Next is a poem I wrote for the team that would be later called The Recipe.

  1. ozymandiaz says:

    dead on
    dead on
    dead on

    feeling it

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