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Saturday was the Capital Slam Semi-Finals and hoo-boy, it was a barn burner!

A quick flash past, twitter-style:

OpenSecret with the first big standing O of the night.
Chris Tse is… THE FUTURE!
Bringing the TRUTH to Ottawa!
Respect, John, respect.
The PRUF is on fire!
You’ll always be Brad Morden to me.
Brandon brings the LOVE!
Whether it was Loh El or D-Lightfull who grabbed that last spot, we were saying “if only they didn’t go over time”.
Greg bared it.
And THAT is why Thomas doesn’t go to poetry slams. Wait, what? No…that’s not what he said.
Oh what? O’G!!

And THAT is why you should go to the Finals. June 5th. Alumni Auditorium.

CONTEXT: November, 2009

How appropriate that when I am talking about the CapSlam Semis that the poem I am at is my respect piece for the team that would go on to be The Recipe.

I wrote this right before we went to Victoria to compete at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. At the time we were calling ourselve BRIIK (a merging of the first initial of each of our names).

Oh, in case you haven’t heard… we won. 🙂


They came from out of the haze
Of scorching summer days
And the cold of frigid Ottawa nights

And nothing can prepare you –
For they wield truth like a weapon,
Not the stuff that you step in
On the sidewalk of the mind
Just when you find
That you know where they are going
They change the rules

Words are just tools
And they are the carpenters,
Plumbers, roofers and asphalt-layers
Because nobody can outwork

They wall off the city
But build windows so you can see
A glimpse of the other-worldly
That mere mortals can
Only hope to understand

But they stand above, you see
They have it all covered
From A to Emcee E
Travelling at the Speed of Poetry
Rushing to the western sea
To lay claim to the missing parts,
To broken hearts they leave behind
They have a Secret
And I can tell it to you
If you ask nice…

But NO!
You can’t handle it!
As the fuse is lit
To the firecracker of your brain
It might be a popgun
Or a cherry bomb
But you’ll never forget
The explosion
As they are backed by Metal Corrosion
But this Rust makes things
And they last longer
Because they can go all night
And they aren’t here to fight
And besides
The war is already won
Like Tony Stark’s pal
But as a Peace Machine, I mean
With Wint, how can you lose?
As they chased the blues
With zeros, one and twos
Because binary can’t contain them!

They stick to walls like Spider-man
But are cool like the Bat
They care cool like A/C
When its hot outside
They are cool like a
John Akpata contact high
They are cool like an ice cube
Dripping down the back of
Someone who could be paid
Just to look that good
And they are subtle like a
BRIIK through a plate
Glass window.

Can you see yet?
Is your mind free yet?
It is more than slam
It is wham bam
Thank you poetry gods
For touching the tongues
Of the melodious ones
Who formed here on Mercury
Before taking a sub-sonic
Technotronic space jaunt
To the stars
Where they can teach a sun
How to go super-nova
Using only a stage and a microphone.
We are never alone
Because in BRIIK we trust.
We are bound, you see,
Brandon, Ian, Ikenna, Komi and me
And when the mortar sets
We’ll light up the jets
And start the countdown






Blast off


Next is a poem I wrote at the festival for my nieces.

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