Elaine’s Snail (w. Elaine Tamblynn-Watts and Jena Mackenzie)

Posted: May 7, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: February, 2010

This is the first team piece in this blog, but not the first one I have done.

In 2007 the Capital Slam Team put together a 5-person team piece with Free Will, Nathanael Larochette, Mehdi Hamdad (then going by One), Danielle Gregoire and myself. We performed it during an absolutely rain-soaked Guerilla Poetry session in Halifax. By the time we finished, the rain was coming down so hard that our paper copies of the poem had become papier-mache.

It was awesome.

We later did the piece in Montreal, without Will but with Kevin Matthews added to the mix.

That was it for me until Danielle’s feature set at Capital Slam where she asked me to join her on one of her poems, ‘Sage in a Stroller’. Since then I have joined the Recipe on ‘Art Applied Alphabetically’ and Danielle and I merged two of our poems together at the CapSlam Semi-finals just last week.

But THIS team piece was a whole different thing. Danielle had invited me to be a guest at one of her workshops in Carleton Place. During the workshop she gave out a team piece as an assignment along with the challenge of using ‘personification’. Teams were randomly assigned, but I couldn’t have been more pleased to be teamed up with a couple of young poets, just learning our exciting artform, named Elaine and Jena!

The poem is about Elaine’s snail (hence the name).

One funny thing that happened while we were writing it was Elaine’s suscpicious look when I told her it didn’t have to rhyme. She wasn’t so sure that could be right… 🙂

    Elaine’s Snail
    by Rusty Priske, Elaine Tamblynn-Watts and Jena Mackenzie

Alice III was a refined snail.
The diet of your average gastropod
Was clearly benheath her.
The likes of algea or
Mundane snail pellets
Simply would not do.
She dined only on the
Finest salads, lovingly
Prepared by the most talented
Sous-chefs under the sea.

She wore a gleaming jacket of
Yellow, as warm as the
Rising sun.

She moved with a grace
Normally reserved for the
Noblest of royalty,
Strolling along gravel avenues
And pausing to smell the
Aquatic roses.
She never hurried
And always left her admirers
Waiting in anticipation.

She carried her lineage with pride
And never forgot the
Snails whose name she bore.

Next, another poem written in that workshop, but this one was solo.

  1. Tammy MacKenzie says:

    Hi. I had a great time writing that poem and performing it.
    Jena MacKenzie

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