Treasure Map

Posted: May 10, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: February, 2010

This is a second poem written during Danielle’s workshop. This assignment was for each of us to write down a word. Danielle took them, shuffled them up, and gave them back. You then had to write a poem based on that word.

The workshop was right after we saw Shane Koyczan perform at the Olympics so the word I wrote down was Olympics. Jena Mackenzie got my word and she wrote a really nice poem about the Olympic rings.

The word I got was book. I decided to play on the idea that an unopened book was like a treasure chest filled with riches.

    Treasure Map

I found a treasure map
Marked with dashes and
Marked out paces
Ending in a giant X

It looked both new
And ancient –
A timeless artifact
Leading to riches
Unheard of

I knew that this would
Change everything –
My life before would be
Forever altered by the
Existence of this map
To untold wealth

I followed the instructions –
5 paces west
Turn one quarter turn and
Take fourteen paces to the
Northwest, ad nauseum, for hours

But it was worth it.
I reached the spot with the X
And went to work
With my shovel

I expected to have to dig
Further, but just under the
Surface I found a small iron box.

Too small to house masses of
Gold coins
But maybe there was jewely
Or other pirate booty

I pried off the rusty lid
And found hidden inside
A single book

I took it carefully from
The chest, sat down on some
Nearby grass

And began to read


Next is another workshop piece… this time from one of The Recipe’s Ingredients workshops.

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