Posted: May 11, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: March, 2010

After we came back from the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in November, the five of us on the team formed a group called The Recipe. My involvement is dramatically less than the other four, since I have a day job, while the other guys are making poetry their career (and I am jealous…)

One of the projects that we started back in January was The Ingredients – a weekly workshop held at Umi Cafe on Wednesday nights. Originally it was to last a month, but it was very successful and now it is on-going.

At first I was helping to facilitate, but wasn’t doing any of the writing exercises. Then, after returning from The Recipe’s Southern Ontario Tour, Brandon and I were the only members available that Wednesday. With the lower turn-out, I figured I should dive in more, so I did the exercises. Since then I have written a number of poems at these workshops… some of them showing a lot of potential!

This excercise involved us pairing up (which is how I first got involved… we had an odd number without me). One person had written down a word and then the other person had to write on the opposite of that word.

My partner (Sean) had written down ‘blue’.

I considered writing about orange, but went this way instead (complete with the lame joke title…)


A skip in my step
That wasn’t there before
As the sun peeks out from
Behind a cloud that
Suddenly doesn’t seem so ominous.
Rain – no longer falling –
No longer rain
No longer soaking into fabric
And hair and dissolving paper
And resolve.
Now it flows down gutters
Washing grit and grime and
Trash – leaving behind surfaces
While damp, clean and open
To new possibilities.
Colour forms into arcs –
Spreading from horizon to
And you don’t know why
But you know
That things are only
Getting better


Next is a poem that… well, let’s just say that I like the idea better than it turned out.

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