Silly Putty

Posted: May 13, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: March, 2010

Well… I thought it was a good idea.

Hell, I still do.

The bits about the silly putty on the news and how that is reflected by our role as writers and…

Yeah… the poem bombed.

Maybe it is an age thing and people don’t really ‘get’ Silly Putty… or the colour funnies.

Or maybe it just isn’t that good a poem.

    Silly Putty

Do you remember Silly Putty?
A substance both cohesive and amorphous
That came in a red plastic egg?
It could be squeezed into any shape –
You could press it into the colour funnies
And transfer the image onto the putty,
Though reversed and somewhat distorted.

Oddly, they always said to do it
On the funnies
And never on the actual news.
Maybe they were afraid that is you
Saw the news once it was
Reversed and somewhat distorted
That you might accidentally read
The truth.

Silly Putty is a perfect analogy
For children.
It is flexible and malleable.
It absorbs information with the
Slight funhouse effect granted
Through the biological filter we call
A brain.

But then we harden and grow rigid,
Set in with angles and edges,
Become more like blocks,
Imprinted with our facts –
Unchanging – immutable.
Looking at the world’s round holes
And hoping that our square pegs will fit
While also hoping that they won’t.

Open that egg and press the
Putty onto this poem
And discover that as we soften
We are an analaogy perfect
For Silly Putty as we press
Up against the world and leave
Our image behind.


Next is a short one about my state of mind a lot of the time.

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