Posted: May 17, 2010 in Poetry

I went to Urban Legends on Friday. It was… poorly attended. The previous UL had been great (with Brook Yung in from NYC to feature). As Ian the host said, it is like the last show was so good, people figured you might as well stop it there.

Not so! Urban Legends continues to flourish!

We had poets, though, so we switched it to an ‘anti-slam’ and just went and performed.
I did a brand new piece called Moving to Arizona. I massacred it, so it is a good thing it wasn’t a slam. People still seemed to like it. I am going to Carleton Place tonight to slam, so hopefully I can get it done properly there. I also did The Stranger, which is my part of that poetry mash-up Danielle and I did at the CapSlam semis.

CONTEXT: April, 2010

This is another workshop poem. The assignment was to write about a feeling you had that day.

The feeling has yet to go away.


He sits still but his eyes
Dart like a barroom
Projectile in search of
A board.
Quiet but not serene.
Still but not peaceful.
Frozen into inaction
By the list of things
And things and things,
But no list,
Because that would imply
This list that is not a list
Makes him list under the
Weight as they settle into
His shoulders.
One after another
Until he can’t take another
He can feel the crack.


Next is a poem mentioned in this post.


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