A Dream of Music

Posted: May 25, 2010 in Poetry

A weekend without poetry is like… well, this past weekend.

While sometimes it seems I live and breathe poetry, even I need time off sometimes. 🙂

CONTEXT: April, 2010

This poem came out of an Ingredients workshop (which I highly recommend), but it created something more… a seed.

The task was to pick an object in the room (the room being the Umi Cafe), and write about it. I chose the piano.

While this piece stands on its own, I see something else there. Dropping the talk about the turned wood and other physical characteristics of the piano – I want to talk about the music trapped inside.

This may grow into something else entirely.

    A Dream of Music

The paint chips away
In spots, not showing age
But love from a hunched
Bluesman leaning over the
Keys, hunting for its hidden
White paint hiding plywood,
Hiding wires that hold
Magic in tension.
Keys, first white, then black,
And back, as notes are
Hammers and wires –
Discordance harnessed,
Note after note.
History in
Turned wood,
Artiface as art,
The veneer of concert hall
Fallen to a ragtime line
Or impromptu chopsticks,
But then the blues
Until the lid swings shut
And the keys sleep, and dream of jazz.


Next is a second piece from the same workshop. Like?


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