Posted: May 27, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: April, 2010

The assignment this time was inspired by a famous poem by Mighty Mike McGee. We were to write a poem where every thought centered around the word ‘like’.

In the end the poem was okay but there are some parts that I might cannibalize for another poem. Specifically the stuff at the end ‘crying like a memory’.


A poem like an affirmation
Or like a confession.
Why like like?
Or like love?
Or love like?
Life like love lives
Or loves like puppies.
A word like an image
Or a thousand words launching
Ships like Achilles and
Hector’s ego exploding like
Pollen drifting like parachutes
On the wind… wind whispers soft.
Whispering like an affirmation.
Yelling like a confession.
Crying like a memory.
Silent like love.


Next is a poem about the memory of smell.

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