Thrill Of

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Poetry

CONTEXT: April, 2010

The third of a three-pack of poems written at the same workshop. The assignment for this one was to think of a smell, and think about the memories you associate with that smell.

I chose the smell of grass and how it makes me think of baseball.

I love baseball.

It is hard to explain certain things, and my love for baseball is one of them. I can still remember watching the Jays win the World Series in ’92 and ’93 and how these games marked such a huge turning point in my life. In ’92 I watched the final game on a tiny portable tv set up in my office in Calgary. I saw them win, turned off the tv, and went home. That was it.

In ’93 I watched them win with Ruthanne, my wife of 3 months.

If you were a Jays fan back then you will get the significance of WAMCO. I am currently reading the biography of Satchel Paige. I recently finished Dirk Hayhurst’s ‘The Bullpen Gospels’. Baseball is just rich with so much… awesomosity.

The title of the poem is a play on the title of a collection of W.P. Kinsella’s stories called The Thrill of the Grass.

    Thrill Of

After mowing lawn after lawn
Why would cut grass invade my
Brain as anything but a memory
Of sweat and toil?
But that grass!
Surrounded by concrete
And vendors hawking hot dogs,
Beer, scorecards and ballcaps.
Finding the right archway
Labelled by letter – matching
A ticket clenched in a
Deathgrip of fevered
Light explodes into my eyes
As the concrete falls away
And there is the field,
Laid out in artful, timeless
90 feet to 90 feet to 90 feet to home.
60 feet 6 inches
And perfectly manicured green
And smooth earth and
White lines.
The air is casual and the
Energy sits in reserve,
Like a battery fresh
From its package.
The sounds of seams,
Leather on leather,
Waiting for places
Like players on a stage –
Like players on the grass,
Waiting for the call.

Play Ball.


Next is… well, a bit of a break. I have some more poems written, but I want to keep this chronological and I have a piece I want to perform before I share it here.

I’ll keep posting whenever I have something poetry related to share, so keep tuning in!

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