The Copper Conundrum

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Poetry, The Copper Conundrum
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You may have seen mention of it here and there, but let me tell you about the majesty and awe of the Copper Conundrum.

A while back Danielle Gregoire came up with the idea of gathering a couple of fellow redheaded poets and going on a mini-tour of Ontario. We were all for it, but it fell through, for a variety of reasons. Then an opportunity came up for us to perform at the up-coming Ottawa Fringe Festival so we brought the idea back and here we are!

One thing I am pretty sure about is that this is not a one-off thing. So far it seems that we enjoy working together (if I can speak for my fellow Copperites), so expect to see this grouping move forward and do more gigs in the future.

For now what we have scheduled is a Toronto Poetry Slam feature followed by three shows at the Ottawa Fringe Festival.

So, who are the Copper Conundrum?


Danielle is the former Director and Slammaster of Capital Slam as well as the founder of the Lanark County Slam (the first ‘rural’ team to ever compete at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word). Danielle has won positions on two slam teams and is currently working on her third. She has performed in MANY places and has a CD collecting all of her live recordings from Capital Slam over the years called Optimism is a Constant Struggle.

Oh, and she is a mom and her daughter is awesome.


Kevin is the person I have most heard referred to as ‘the best poet in Ottawa’. He may argue that, but I am writing this so TOO BAD! Kevin was one of the trifecta of peots I heard when I first started listening to spoken word that combined to make me want to be a poet myself (along with John Akpata and Steve Sauve). Like Danielle, Kevin has made Slam teams from more than one community – once with Winnipeg and twice with Capital Slam. He has performed everywhere and has taken to adding music to his poetry to highten the audience’s enjoyment of his performances even more. Kevin is awesome.


That’s me, eh?

Current Slammaster for Capital Slam… the Slammaster for the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word 2010 in Ottawa… a member of three Capital Slam teams, including the 2009 National Championship team.

And stuff….

Anyway… soon we will have a Facebook group so you can follow our exploits.

Make sure you come and see the Copper Conundrum wherever you can!

  1. thanks Rusty, for making this announcement.
    I do really like working together, and can’t wait to perform together!
    first we have some work to do, of course.

    see you soon

  2. […] there is the Fringe and the debut of the Copper Conundrum. Then there is the Toronto Poetry Slam (which we will be driving in T.O. in the middle of that G34 […]

  3. […] at 8pm at the Cajun Attic tonight, you will see Danielle Gregoire and me – two thirds of the Copper Conundrum – as features… and I will be reading two or three pieces off paper. I will just do so […]

  4. […] The next show I will be performing at will be June 21st & 22nd at the Fringe Festival – 9:15pm, downstairs at the Royal Oak on Laurier. 50 minutes of the Copper Conundrum! […]

  5. […] Before I went to that show I had a rehearsal for the NEXT Capital Poetry Fringe show… jokingly referred to as ‘Attack of the Redlocks’, but seriously (?) known as the Copper Conundrum. […]

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