Live at Capital Slam 2010 CD

Posted: June 1, 2010 in CD, Poetry, Slam

I spent some time talking to Andrew Brittain from Mudshark Audio yesterday and we came to a disappointing realization. In our efforts to make the Capital Slam semi-finals and finals even better, we added a few more special features than usual. We now have sac poets before each round, along with special performances by Nathanael in the finals and Danielle and I doing a team piece in the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, because our priority is (of course) the competitors, not all of the extra features are going to be on the CD, just for space reasons.

It has happened before. We had to drop Free Will from the CD last year (he was a Sac Poet) when we realized it was either him or a second piece by Josie Frank when she was the only woman on the CD. It is too bad but those are the decisions that we have to make. For the most part, I leave those to Andrew and his team, to avoid any favourtism (since I know most of the poets personally). We will have to see how this turns out.

The poets in question are:

(from the semis)
Danielle Gregoire and me (in a team piece)

(from the finals)
Jenna Tenn-Yuk
Marcus Jameel
Hodan Ibrahim
Nathanael Larochette

All great poets so it will be a very tough call.

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