Poetry Weekend

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Poetry, Slam

This weekend is poetry heaven!

Tonight the Urban Legends Semi-Finals takes place at the Carleton Unvirsity UniCentre (listed as Rooster’s, but it usally ends up in a classroom… just go to the UniCentre and look for signs). I think it starts at 7pm. Urban Legends is forming a second Ottawa team to compete at the Canadian festival of Spoken Word this fall… right here in Ottawa!

What about the first Ottawa team? Well, Saturday has the CAPITAL SLAM FINALS! Who will make up the team to defend the National Slam Championship won by the CapSlam team in Victoria in ’09? The competitors are:

Open Secret (2-time CapSlam team member, including the ’09 Championship team)
Chris Tse (a slam sophmore, this is is first time in the finals)
Truth Is… (this her first time competing for a spot on an Ottawa team, but she has been at the festival as a member of Toronto and Wild Card teams at least three times)
John Akpata (the first ever CapSlam Champ back in ’05)
Prufrock (this is his second time in the finals)
Brad Morden (this is his second time in the finals)
Brandon Wint (a member of the championship ’09 team)
Graeme ‘Loh El’ O’Farrell (a semi-finalist last year – this is his first time in the finals)

It is going to be a great show and a great team! (If Open Secret amkes the team… which is pretty likely, he will tie my record for the most times on a CapSlam team)

The show is at the Alumni Auditorium at UofO. Doors open at 6:30. You do NOT want to be late. The show will sell out.

Oh, and you can hear Open Secret and Chris Tse on All-in-a-Day on CBC with Alan Neal today at 5:30pm!

Then on Sunday, the Spoken Word Plot in Almonte is rechristened the Spoke ‘n Word Plot in honour of Bike Month. The poetry and storytelling supergroup: The Kymeras are featuring!

What an amazing weekend!


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