Amal El-Mohtar

Posted: June 8, 2010 in Poetry

I think I have a new favourite poet.

More to the point, I think I am in love.

No, not with Amal (that would be awfully weird – lovely girl, but I still remember her as the teenager who hung around the Haunted Walk booth when Ruthanne was working), but with the way she spins words that are dripping with honey…

Yes, honey. Anyone who saw her perform tonight at Voices of Venus will understand why that is an apt metaphor.

No conversation about Amal’s writing can leave out Song for an Ancient City, which won the 2009 Rhysling Award for Short Poem.

Add to the the incredibly gorgeous story, And Their Lips Rang with the Sun. While she would say that is a story and not poetry, I would argue the point. Much in the same way that George Elliott Clarke’s George & Rue is poetry, so is this. (though that is pretty much where the comparison ends. Amal has created a world full of magic and bells. George’s world is all too real.)

The last work I would like to mention, and the way that somewhat explains the honey allusion, is her new book, The Honey Month. What started as a blog where she wrote a review and a piece of poetry (or poetry prose) for a different honey every day. Someone took notice of it and realized that what she had created deserved wider recognition.

I am a fan and anyone who reads this and is not familiar with her work should take a look. She is a treasure waiting to be discovered, again and again.

  1. nadinethornhill says:

    Amal is a wonder. While I generally love rehearsals, I was bummed that last night’s prevented me from catching her feature.

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