Bill Red!

Posted: June 11, 2010 in Poetry, Slam

Last night was the Bill Brown 1-2-3 Slam, featuring Danielle Gregoire and ME!

Lots of fun.

First, the slam. There were 8 people signed up: Loh El, Konscious Infraktion, Festrell, Monica, Sean O’Gorman, OpenSecret, Jonathan Appleseed, and Array-of-Words.

Guess who won? Good guess.

An interesting story, though, was how well Jonathan Appleseed did. He really had something to say and it shone through.

For our feature, Danielle and I tossed some peices back and forth, with three solo pieces each followed by The Stranger/Kent & Gladstone mash-up. The pieces I did are all too new to be in this blog yet (but will be eventually). They are called ‘Moving to Arizona’, ‘One Petal’, and ‘Angst’.

I am really happy how well the last one went over, since I just wrote it on Monday and quite like it. I will have to thank Gilles for inspiring it.

Next up is the Spoken Word show on Saturday at 1:30 or so at WestFest. It features 2010 CapSlam Champion Chris Tse, 2010 CapSlam Rookie of the Year DLightfull, Lanark County Stalwart Emily Kwissa, and 2010 Urban Legends Finalist Hyfidelik.

The next show I will be performing at will be June 21st & 22nd at the Fringe Festival – 9:15pm, downstairs at the Royal Oak on Laurier. 50 minutes of the Copper Conundrum!

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