New Capital Slam Rules

Posted: June 16, 2010 in CPC, Slam

The CPC AGM was last night. I am not going to do a full synopsis here. I’ll wait until John Akpata does up his meeting summary/minutes/whatever.

I do want to spotlight the rules changes that we have adopted. There are three.

1. From now on, during regular Capital Slam competitions, the second round order will be the five poets with the highest scores from the first round, in reverse order of where they went up in the first round. (iow… the same as the semis and finals, but only including the five who moved on). NOTE: We will conduct our summer shows following these rules and then see if people are happy with them before the regular season begins.

2. The contract signed by semi-finalists before the show will now include a penalty clause. Anyone who breaks the contract without an unforeseen personal reason will be suspended from competing at Capital Slam the following season.

3. Anyone who has already won a position on a different CFSW-attending team will not be eligible to compete at the Capital Slam Semi-Finals or Finals.

In the first point we decided that competitive fairness should win out and adjusted our rules to reflect that.

For the 2nd, it has not come up since I have been an organizer (though it did earlier), but I pointed out that if it DID happen, our contract was meaningless since it had no ‘teeth’. We adopted the one year suspension, but it was very close as a numerically large minority thought that the punishment was too severe.

For the 3rd… well, that is just about being ‘good neighbours’. Do unto others and all that…

  1. the new contract should begin: “By the authority of Uncle John Akpata, Ottawa is declared a wackness-free zone.”

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