Capital Poetry at the Fringe!

Posted: June 21, 2010 in CPC, Poetry, The Copper Conundrum

Yesterday I went nad saw the second show of the first Capital Poetry act at the Fringe. Entitled ‘Attack of The Dreadlocks’, it featured John Akpata and Prufrock mixing DJ beats, djembe and smooth spoken word for a great show. Hyfidelik popped up at the end for some freestyle. Pruf mixed some samples from the Butternuts CD, which was pretty damn cool.

Great show.

Before I went to that show I had a rehearsal for the NEXT Capital Poetry Fringe show… jokingly referred to as ‘Attack of the Redlocks’, but seriously (?) known as the Copper Conundrum.

Danielle K.L. Gregoire, Kevin Matthews and myself are weaving together a number of pieces, both classic and new, but in ways that are unique to this show!

Tonight is the Copper Conundrum debut, so DO NOT miss it!

June 21st & June 22nd at the Royal Oak Laurier Basement at 9:15.

Be there or lie about it later!

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