Poetry vs Reality

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Off-topic, Rant

I would like to share a line from a recent poem of mine called Moving to Arizona.

Not carrying your papers
Will be a crime
Just like in those Cold War movies
On the wrong side of Checkpoint Charlie

Now let me share with you a link.

Apparently my criticism of (racist) laws in Arizona was ignoring the (oppressive) laws right here in Canada.

There is my tenuous poetry connection to make this blog entry on topic.

I would like to congratulate the Black Block for working for the establishment so completely that nobody will now even question the FACT that the police are now physically assaulting peaceful protesters and other innocent people who just happen to be in the area.

In fact, the controlled levels of violence and vandalism to kick this off are SO convenient to the cause of those who would stamp out legitimate complaints that it makes me wonder about the existence of Agent Provocateurs, which I had previously dismissed. The video going around of the obvious undercover cops doesn’t help their cause, either.

I was in an on-line discussion recently with someone who said that ‘if you aren’t willing to face the consequnces of your actions, you shouldn’t protest’.

I would argue that if the consequences of protesting are not what a rational person would consider a justifiable response, then we should all protest.

We like to think that we are somehow ‘better’ in Canada than in some other places. The police in Toronto are proving that we are wrong. They are arresting people for SITTING, simply because the police decided that they should ‘clear the area’.

I am not anti-police. I believe they serve a crucially important role in our society. That role does not give them the right to disrupt, disperse or ASSAULT peaceful protesters.

I am ashamed of my country today.

  1. nadinethornhill says:

    Conspiracy theories aren’t really my style, but I’ve had the same suspicions you have. It seems odd that the police were conspicuously absent as windows were being smashed and *their own cars* were being torched, but arrived en masse to cast an indiscriminate net over lawful protesters.

    ‘if you aren’t willing to face the consequnces of your actions, you shouldn’t protest’.

    And if the powers that be claim ‘democracy’ yet eliminate virtually *any* other forum for it’s citizen to express a dissenting opinion, what else are people to do? And since when should one expect to be arrested for walking down a Toronto street?

    Since this weekend, I guess.

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