CapSummerSlam and Urban Legends

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Poetry
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As mentioned, this was one of those poetry weekends (following one of those poetry weeks after another poetry weekend etc.)

It turned out to be too much.

Friday I was going to go to the Urban Legends Slam Finals. Meanwhile, Ruthanne was going to go out to Almonte during the day to visit Danielle and that got delayed… long story short, I was feeling the burn out, and we decided to head out Almonte for a visit, evening bbq, and games.

I heard that Urban Legends was amazing, though.

Once Ian Keteku and Poetic Speed decided not to compete, it left the competition a little thin in numbers but still long on talent. Marcus invited some notable luminaries to perform to fill out the show and everyone had a good time.

In the end, the first Urban Legends team, who will compete at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word to be held in Ottawa this October, will be: Synonymous, Marcus Jameel, Hodan Ibrahim, Hyfidelik and (alt) D-Lightfull!

It is nice to see some female representation as Ottawa hasn’t had a woman on repping the town since Danielle was alt in ’07.

I missed the slam, but we had fun in Almonte.

Then came Saturday It just so happened that Saturday was our wedding Anniversary. Ruthanne and I were married July 3rd, 1993, 17 years pre, to misappropriate a Prufrock phrase.

Yeah. I’m a lucky guy.

It was also a Capital Slam Summer show. Nathanael thought he was going to be out of town so he recruited Brandon Wint to host. He also signed DJ Prufrock up to spin some tunes. However, Nate’s trip was cancelled so he showed up anyway. 🙂

The first round was hot with 11 slammers, including a newcomer by the name of Rose who blew up the stage. Festrell threw down the highest scoring poem of the night with a new thing she wrote DURING the Urban Legends show, but she also went way long and knocked herself out with a time penalty. I performed my new Angst poem – memorized for the first time. It went over pretty big.

When the dust settled, the top 5 were very tight, ranging from 29.6 to 29.1 – Sean O’Gorman, me, Jenna Tenn-Yuk, Rose, Nathanael

The Capital Slam team featured. The flow was rocky but the poetry was tight. Amazing perfromances by Chris Tse, Open Secret, Prufrock, John Akpata and Brandon Wint.

In the second round the top 5 went up in reverse order from the first round (a change from our old rules). I read a poem called The Great Adventure, which I will share here soon, that I wrote in honour of Ruthanne on our Anniversary.
This time it was Nathanael who scored highest, but when the dust settled there was a three-way tie for 1st place! That may happen more often at shows that throw around a lot of tens, but there wasn’t even one ten on the night. It was just a mathematical fluke.

Nathanael – 29.1 / 29.5 / 58.6
Rusty Priske – 29.5 / 29.1 / 58.6
Jenna Tenn-Yuk – 29.4 / 29.2 / 58.6

I, for one, am happy to share the win! (Good thing Jenna was in there. If Nate and I tied for the win, people might think it was fixed.) 🙂

Rose and Sean O’Gorman rounded out the top 5.

Sunday was the CapSlam team featuring at Dusty Owl. I went, but then Ruthanne had to come get me. I spent a bit too much time outside on a very hot day and started getting the early signs of heat stroke.

I love Ottawa, but I can’t deal with the heat.

The reason I stopped posting poems here is I had reached a poem I wanted to keep secret for the moment. The secret is out now so I will put it up tomorrow!

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