We Never Kissed (with acknowledgements)

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Poetry, The Copper Conundrum
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CONTEXT: May, 2010

When Danielle Gregoire, Kevin Matthews and I got together to work out our first Copper Conundrum sets, we decided to see if we could riff off each others work… using it as a springboard for new writing.

Danielle has a poem called ‘Pre-pubescent Genius’ which some people may know as ‘We Never Kissed’. I decided to write my own section to that, telling a different story of young {ahem} love. 🙂

    We Never Kissed (after ‘Pre-pubescent Genius’ by Danielle K.L. Gregoire)

We never kissed.
Sitting two rows over
In second period algebra
Trying to calculate the
Difference between actually
Asking you on a date
And solving for X.
Even my teenaged brain
Recognized I may be valuing
You for the length of your
Skirt rather than the
Quality of your mind –
But what else did I have
To go on, since we had
Never actually spoken.

We travelled in different circles.
Yours was the popular crowd
And mine… wasn’t,
But if John Hughes movies
Taught me anything,
Those are just roadblocks
That can be eventually overcome
By perserverence and
Comedic co-incidence.

I knew we were fated
For mutual infatuation,
Hand-holding, plus possibly the
Sorts of things that run
Through the mind of a
Puberty-riddled boy way more
Often than we will ever admit.

You were my one-and-only love
… For about a week
Until I fell head over heels
For yet another girl that
I would never kiss.


Next is another piece that came out of the Recipe’s Ingredients workshop.

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely words,
    excellent structures of plot, wording, and theme.

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