Posted: October 4, 2010 in CFSW, Slam

Saturday was the latest edition of Capital Slam, and the last one before the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word kicks off on Oct. 12th.

We had a decent audience turnout, not a second consecutive sellout, but still quite solid. We got enough performers that we had to bump a couple who performed last time plus a couple who just didn’t get in (like Sean O’G who declined the opportunity to slam when he found out it would bump Sarah Musa…)

The feature was a singer/songwriter named Andre Bluteau. He was mellow, but really good.

He probably only seemed mellow because the slam was FIRE!

We had time penalties a-plenty, but nobody cared because the night was so hot!

In the first round I performed Tricks, and WOW! My worries that it wasn’t a ‘slam’ poem were way off. I scored a 29.6 for first place after the first round. A couple of notable performances from the first round included Danielle K.L. Gregoire and newcomer J-Rome, both of whom would have made the second round if it wasn’t for time penalties. We also had some more newcomers: Greg Boyd (who is only 15), Helena B. (who came VERY close, coming in 6th) and Mark Good.

In the second round we had two CapSlam ‘vets’ (me and Brad Morden), two memebers of the Urban Legends team (Hodan Ibrahim and Synonymous), and one fairly new slammer who is quickly making a name for herself (Sarah Musa).

In the second round I did a new poem called ‘Sometimes I Can’t Remember’. It went over very well, netting me a 29.5… but Hodan rocked the second round, nailing five TENS, to jump past me into first place. I was second, followed by Synonymous, Sarah and Brad.

Next… CFSW!

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