Posted: February 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So a little while back I wrote a poem called Chemical Love. In that poem I created a couple of words (for effect): desironment and blistophony.

So I log onto my blog this morning and discover I got a hit from someone who found my site by searching for the word desironment.


I may have altered the language.


(I still prefer the ‘word’ awesomosity)

  1. Vibhor says:

    Actually I was looking for a name to give to my newly created website and design firm. I am an architect and we work mainly on issues related to non-conventional designs & environmental issues. As I tried to join the two words- Design and Environment, I also tried to google it, just to see if there’s already something like this floating on the net…. and yes it was! So I guess, the conclusion is:
    1. Great minds think alike ….. 😉 😀
    2. Creativity can be duplicated!
    Have Fun….!!! 🙂

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