Mediocrity… and an idea.

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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An interesting conversation over at Julie Laurin’s blog about praising mediocrity and not recognizing greatness.

Well, interesting despite the fact that I disagree with pretty much everything she said.

Still, in one of my comments I brought up on idea I had for an on-line magazine. I am interested in knowing what people thought of it…

It would be a place for real analysis and reviews of poets and shows. The problem comes that the community is so small that it gets hard to be critical at times. Say, (for a ridiculous example), I saw an OpenSecret performance that I thought was subpar (has never happened). Would I say so in a public forum? Likely not. He is a friend and a professional acquaintance.

So, the site would be set up with a handful of editors, each with full authority to publish. They woudl be from different areas of the community. That way, if someone wants to review Capital Slam (for example) they would submit the article to an editor other than me. The articles would be anonymous and would be critical and analytical.

The idea would be to create a space for discussion that is sorely lacking.

So… what do people think about this idea? Could we use a Poetry Sabermetric site? (Bonus points for anyone who gets the reference…)

Also, join in the conversation at Julie’s site!

  1. Pearl says:

    poetics ( was Ottawa-based and was thinking poetry analytically for a while.

    17 seconds does that, but it’s only annually so there’s a slow turn around time.

    A central group blog is a good idea so there isn’t the slowdown of one central editor approving, etc. would be good. Allows it to be more dynamic.

    that’s part of what the Ottawa Poetry Newsletter could do, has done. Ritalin/Greg was adding stuff there for a while.

    I like the idea of it talking craft and performance, rather than falling into the trap of being just another place to promote upcoming events or chat it up after. As you say, it would have to be done with compassion and caring, with an eye to learning, because it is a community and constructive thinking helps more than some sports commentator thing.

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  3. Bart says:

    I went to look at Ms. Lauren’s blog and found myself disagreeing with everything she said too. :o)

    I agree with your suggestion about there needing to be a place for legitimate criticism. I’d read it, I think.

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