Looking for Truth

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

CONTEXT: March, 2011

This poem came out of Stephen Harper’s attempt to change the law surrounding truth in the media. The proposed (and failed) new law would have allowed the news to no longer have any requirement to tell the truth.


The thought of that makes my head spin. He was trying to do this just in time for SUN TV to launch. Coincidence?

Anyway… it failed so Sun TV is not going to be QUITE FOX North… but I am sure they will do their best to ensure the official storyline gets across.

    Looking for Truth

When you are looking for truth,
Where do you go?
Do you place your faith in facts
Defined by an objective media
Of obtuse object lessons
That object to any claims
Of bias?
Do you subject yourself
To subjective reports
Masquerading as objective,
As close to the truth as
Fox is to facts – resembling
News only to those not
Paying attention?
But Canadian news is held
To a higher standard
And while truth is not always
Held as holy –
They are at least not allowed to lie.
But our PM thinks differently.
He thinks that the news
Should not be
Held to a stricter standard
Than he is.
Don’t let the news be handicapped
By insisting on facts!
Why can’t Canada have a
Short-arm’s reach station to
Expound on a regressive agenda?
Sun TV needs to be allowed to
Convince Canada that
Gays and Muslims threaten our
Way of life
And only big business billionaires
And ‘tough-on-crime’ capital punishment
Advocates can save us.

If it is legal to lie
Then the news could be
Nursery rhymes, but without
The life lessons
That just might give you a peek
At actual truth.
For there is no truth in the news,
Unless you find the
Words between the words
As every choice
Conceals and reveals.
I would no sooner look for truth
In the news as I would go to
The Parliamentary Channel,
The Home Shopping Network,
Or Brother John’s Old Time Gospel Hour
As every one is just trying
To sell you something.

So called ‘truth’ is presented
In easy to digest packages
With fancy paper and
Coloured lights
Topped with a spoonful of sugar
To push that free will down
Because a docile populace
Creates the best workforce
And whether you are
Scared or sedated
Works equally well.

But if truth is hard to come by
At least give us facts
And let us draw our own conclusions
Instead of forcing the delusion
Of objectivity
And the religion of productivity
As the country continues its
Push to the right
And the nation’s values
Are rewritten and then reinforced
By the ‘facts’ we are given.

We each have a responsibility
To look at the world critically.
You take the good,
You take the bad,
You take them both
And then you have
A world that is more
Than the sum of facts
From the Sun or Fox
And life is more than
A bottom screen news scroll
Sensationalism bear trap.

But that is about facts,
When you are looking for truth
Where do you go?
Where can you find the
Blend of fact and fiction
That asks you to look
Through the view master
Into someone else’s world
To see what someone else sees
And mix their rhetoric and
Emotion into a pot, boiling hot
With a little dollop of style
Dropped on top?

I want to trust the
Facts from the newscaster’s flow
But for truth
I know to go to a Saturday night
Capital Slam poetry show.

And that’s the truth.


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  1. Tammy MacKenzie says:

    Love this piece! It is the truth 🙂

  2. […] was solid. We only had six, but all six were good poets, with some vets and some new voices. I did Looking For Truth and it came out really nice. People laughed at the right spots and clearly HEARD the message. I got […]

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