DJ Rusty Playlist – Once Upon A Slam Finals edition

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So I was quite sick but I dragged my butt to the Mercury Lounge to provide the music and was I ever glad I did!

It was great to see my good friend and Copper Conundrum compatriot, Danielle K.L. Gregoire share the first ever Once Upon A Slam Grand Champion honours with David ‘Hobbes’ Hickey. They tied!

The final results were (and remember that finishing anywhere on this list is a big achievement because there were 35 competitors this season!)

1T. Danielle K.L. Gregoire 56.3
1T. David ‘Hobbes’ Hickey 56.3
3. Ron Langton 54.7
4. Kim Kilpatrick 54.6
5. Robin LeWilliam-North 52.8
6. Phil Nagy 52.5
7. David Merleau 51.3
8. Kathryn Hunt 50.3

All great!

Because I was not feeling 100%, Jessica Ruano handled scorekeeping duties which actually freed me up to play with the music a little bit. A few more times than normal, the music was chosen based on the story performed just ahead of it.

Sonny Terry – My Baby Done Gone
Soul Coughing – I Miss The Girl
Spoon – The Way We Get By
Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd – Samba Dees Days
Stars – Soft Revolution
Stereolab – Kyberneticka Babicka Part 2
Sufjan Stevens – Black Hawk War
Sugar Minott – The People Got To Dub
The Tallest Man On Earth – Burden of Tomorrow
Tame Impala – Desire Be Desire Go
They Might Be Giants – Feign Amnesia
Three Sheet – Three Dollar Billz
Throwing Muses – Cry Baby Cry
Tiny Masters of Today – Tooty Frooty Clarke’s Dream Song
Tokyo Police Club – In A Cave
Tom Waits – Straight To The Top (Vegas)
Tony Bennett – I Left My Heart in San Francisco
Tori Amos – Talula (The Tornado Mix)
Underworld – Always Loved A Film
The UnSettlers – He’s Out of Nails
Big Star – Back of a Car
Billy Bragg – Accident Waiting To Happen
Bobby McFerrin – Mere Words
The Butternuts – The Great Escape
Buddy Guy – One Room Country Shack
C.R.Avery & the Boomchasers – Redeeming Feature
The Charlatans UK – Flower
The Clash – Train in Vain (Stand By Me)
Dan Mangan – Some People
Darkstar – Dear Heartbeat
David Bowie – Helden
The Delgados – Knowing When To Run
Dr.Dog – Worst Trip
Desmond & The Tutus – High Fives
Dinosaur Jr. – I Got Lost
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Come In Please
Feral Bliss – Can’t Shake My Dreams
They Might Be Giants – Another First Kiss
Florence + The Machine – Swimming
Foreign Born – See Us Home
The Strokes – Last Night
Sufjan Stevens – Vesuvius
They Might Be Giants – Another First Kiss (yes, again. You had to be there, I think…)
Three Sheet – Blood Whale
Tokyo Police Club – Nursery Academy
Tom Waits – Lullaby
Tony Bennett – Shall We Dance

I repeated artists more than usual… it was just the sort of night. I’m sorry I wasn’t packing any Jimi Hendrix for RC Weslowski. That would have been sweet.

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  2. […] to sit on behind the DJ table and there he stayed all night, playing the OUAS soundtrack. (Check RustyThePoet for the playlist from the show.) He was lacking the brain power to scorekeep, so the lovely Jessica […]

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