CapSlamReCapRustyStyle September #1

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Normally I would talk about which poems I did and how thigns went, but I ended up not slamming.

I planned to… I WANTED to… but sometimes, as an organizer I have to look at the ‘greater good’.

In short, the list filled up fast. REALLY fast.

Then, right after Jamaal Rogers snagged the #12 spot, John Sobol showed up.

He had been excited about slamming for the first time in 20 years. I told him the list was full but he could do open mic and that one of the other slammers told me she may drop.

Then the open mic filled up. Right after that happened, Mia Morgan showed up. I told her the list was full.

Ruthanne had been pushing me to drop to let John slam. I really wanted to slam.

But then, I realized that dropping would let John slam AND it would let Mia perform (and we hadn’t recruited a scorekeeper yet)

So I dropped. Oh well. Next time.

But I DID get to announce that Capital Slam would be presenting Ursula Rucker as part of VERSeFest early in 2012.


Holy crap.


Full show recap here.

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