That Wasn’t Me – And Next Friday!

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Uncategorized
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There was a little crossing of wires this morning. Susan Johnston of CKCU’s Special Blend had asked me for a track to play. I told her she could use any of the ‘Live at Capital Slam’ tracks and then we got talking about the 2011 version, not yet released so I asked Andrew Brittain at Mudshark if we could get a track to play on the radio. He said sure and I passed it on.

Somewhere in there Andrew and I were thinking ‘promote the CD’ while Susan was still thinking ‘a poem by Rusty’…

So, ‘Ransom Note’ by Poetic Speed was played, but I was billed. Sorry Komi. (Though I imagine anyone that has heard either of us would realize that was you and not me.) 🙂

Next Friday I will be on the show (at about 7:10 am) to promote my book (see above left), the forthcoming CD, and my appearance at Urban Legends.

The 23rd is a tough night because two shows I really want everyone to go to are both on the same night. When Sean O’Gorman and Sarah Musa asked me to feature at Urban Legends I was flattered, but it fell on the same night that Ruthanne’s show, Once Upon A Slam, is happening. Not only do I want to support Ruthanne, but I really love Once Upon A Slam. I have a lot of fun playing DJ and listening to the great stories.

In the end, after talking to Ruthanne, I decided to take the Urban Legends gig, but I want people to go to both.

So, your challenge over the next week is to perfect cloning technology so you can go to both shows.


Well, if not that, at least go to one of the shows. Both have doors at 6:30 or thereabouts.

So, here are your choices:

A: Go the the Mercury Lounge to see the season debut of Once Upon A Slam.

B: Go to Carleton University to see the season debut of Urban Legends (featuring me!)

C: Do neither and risk my everlasting enmity and disappointment. (Well, maybe just the latter.)

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