Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

After not slamming in the season opener, I was primed for this show.

Then I drew #1.


It turned out that John Akpata (the host) hadn’t actually DRAWN any names and just read mine off the top of the list. He realized his mistake before I had reached the stage, so back I went.

I still drew early. #3. I dropped Blue, Black or Red and it felt good. I scored fairly well, getting a 27.8 for the top score thus far.

Then Loh El went up and I dropped to 2nd. Then Blue went up and I dropped to 3rd. Then Sean O’Gorman went up AND KILLED IT and I dropped to fourth.

Half way through the round and I was in fourth. Not good. I worked my less then stellar memory for who was still to come and realized it wasn’t likely that I would make the second round. Bruce Narbaitz and Monique Simonot were both still to come and the combination of talent and a little score creep would make it hard for my to stay in the top 5.

But the next four poets INCLUDING Bruce and Monique went up and I still maintained my precarious position. Now there were only two poets left and they BOTH would have to outscore me to knock me out!

Raffaella went up. She is new to our stage and her delivery was a little hesitant. She read from her paper but the crowd (and judges) dug her words and she netted a 27.9… JUST knocking me down to fifth. Who was still left again?

Mia Morgan. Sigh.

Mia did a solid job and got a 28.0. No second round for me.

Oh well.

Sean O’Gorman ended up grabbing the win. Good show over all.

Lots of stuff coming this week!

TONIGHT: The CapSlam team (Sense-Say, Loh El, Bruce Narbaitz, Sean O’Gorman, Me) are on Monday Night Scribes on CHUO at 10pm.

ALSO TONIGHT: The Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam starts their new season and the Ottawa Library.

FRIDAY: I will be on Friday Special Blend on CKCU at 7:10am.

ALSO FRIDAY: I am featuring at the Urban Legends season opener at Carleton University! 6:30pm

ALSO ALSO FRIDAY: The Once Upon A Slam season opener is at The Mercury Lounge! 6:30pm.

SUNDAY: Brendan McLeod and the Kymeras are performing at Mercury Lounge! 6:30.

Busy week!

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