DJ Rusty Playlist – October

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Once Upon A SLam was last night – featuring the Mistress of Spooky, Ruthanne Edward!
David Merleau won and there were some VERY notable new slammers, Luna Allison and Ibn Najeeb!

(Najeeb is also the feature at the next Capital Slam, on FRIDAY, Nov. 4th)

But I know why you REALLY come to Once Upon A Slam (not really) and that is to hear DJ Rusty’s latest offerings! I wasn’t able to attend in September, so I went through a little withdrawal…

So here is October’s Playlist:

Phoenix – Rome
The Pixies – Monkey Gone To Heaven
Radiohead – Reckoner
RJD2 – Small Plans
Robyn Hitchcock – Linctus House
Rodriguez – Inner City Blues
Santogold – Lights Out
Shane Koyczan – Pulse
Sonny Terry – I’m Gonna Get On My Feets Afterwhile
Spoon – I Summon You
Stars – One More Night (Your Ex-Lover Remains Dead)
Stereolab – Vodiak
Icy Demons – Jantar Mantar
Interpol – Say Hello To the Angels
Izza Kizza & Missy Elliot – Walk the Dawg
J.Period & K’Naan – Ololufe Mi (Fela Kuti Tribute)
The Jam – David Watts
Jamiroquai – Falling
Jay Dee – Bullshittin’ (Remix)(Instrumental)
Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind
Jesu – Dummy
Joanna Borromeo – Hold It Steady
John Coltrane – Harmonique
John Lee Hooker – Tease Me Baby
The Johnnys – Edge of Death
Jonathan Coulton – Tom Cruise Crazy
k-Os – B-Boy Stance
Jamelody, K-Salaam, Beatnick – Mission Complete
K’Naan – Boxing My Shadow
KRS-One – We Don’t Care Anymore
Laika – Go Fish (Peel Session)
The Last Poets – Delights of the Garden
Sonny Terry – My Baby Done Gone
Soul Coughing – I Miss the Girl

My next DJ spin is of course the next Once Upon A Slam on Friday, Nov. 25th featuring Jan Andrews!

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