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Posted: November 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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A full recap is up at the Capital Slam Blog, as always, but here is my version…

I wrote a new poem. More details about it will be in my next post (when I actually post the piece), but in short… it is a piece that I wrote back in March, prepping for the CapSlam end of season, and then discarded it temporarily. It just wasn’t what I was looking for.
Jump forward some months and after going to CFSW I had some ideas on how to fix that poem up.
I did it. I liked it. I decided to slam it.

I worked on memorizing the piece and was originally planning to slam it on Nov. 4th. Then, with about a week to go, I got really sick. I missed a couple days of work and my memorization schedule was way off. I started to think I would have to wait and do it on Nov. 19th, but then the piece started to fall into place. With a couple of days to go, I had it memorized and just had to start polishing it.
Then I got sick again. A bit of a relapse.

Still… I had it. I was sure of it.

We got to the venue and I did my set-up. Ruthanne was on point, so a lot of the pressure was off. There was a film crew there, doing a piece on Zhomkonto, so I made sure they were okay and then went off to run through my poem.

Crash and burn. I couldn’t get a clean runthrough no matter what I did. I was distracted and stressed and I could get nothing. I fought through until I figured it was the best I could do and went back in for the show.

I argued back and forth with myself about whether I would pull it off or whether it would be a disaster.

I was lucky enough to draw late and I actually ran through bits of the piece while other people were performing (in my head, obviously) but not too much, because I wanted to hear the poetry.

Then I went up.

Perfect. No slip ups at all. The energy was there, the content was there. The crowd dug it. I get the right Ooos and Aaahs at the right points.


By the way… the new piece is called ‘Stroll On’. More about it in my next post.

In the second round I did The Stranger. Now, I KNEW that wasn’t the ‘right’ piece to do. What was scoring well was intensity and The Stranger is pretty low key, but this fits in with my new (old) philosophy. I do the poems I want to do and who cares about the scores. 🙂

I did well again. I got third, behind Synonymous and Loh El. Good company.

Lots of fun and a new poem!

  1. Nadine says:

    Kevin and I agreed, ‘Stroll On’ was our top poem of the evening.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you perform and it was such a treat to hear something new. If I haven’t told you before, you are, hands down, one of my very favourite poets!

  2. Mia Morgan says:

    Loved the new poem so much! My friend and I were actually talking about it after the slam; great message 🙂

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