Darwin’s Theory of Revolution

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

CONTEXT: March, 2011

This poem has a fairly convoluted origin. It starts with my philosophical and sociological views of the world.

I don’t really believe in Revolution as a means of change. Take Egypt for example. That sure LOOKED like great changes were afoot, but what happened? The military took power.

Was that the goal? It sure didn’t look like it at the time.

But that can seem very defeatist. It seems like I don’t think change is possible, and that is not the case at all. I just think that change sticks better if it comes about in a more organic way.

Look at it this way, does the fight against homophobia come because the government enacted laws or did the government enact laws because the public started demanding change? Did they wake up one morning and realize that they had been wrong headed and needed to change their lives or was it a slow process that ended up with open prejudice being the exception rather than the rule.

Another example: I KNOW that I used to hear the ‘N-bomb’ when I was a kid at least on a semi-regular basis.

By the time I was 20 I remember being shocked when I heard someone say it… but still didn’t do anything about it.

By the time I was 40, if I hear someone say it now… well, let’s just say that it is VERY unacceptable.

Things change, but gradually. This doesn’t mean we can’t demand change. In fact, we NEED to.

Anyway, that is why I think evolution beats revolution when it comes to civilization change.

So, a while back I wrote that concept down in my ideas book. I simply wrote Civilization: Evolution vs Revolution. When I started to write it, I realized right away that I should play with that rhyme scheme. I started writing some lines. Then more. Then more. I realized I was on to something. I found a website that had a list of words that ended in ion and I went to town.

The trick here is that these are NOT just words that fit the rhythm. The poem still has meaning and stays on message.
I finished a first draft and after reading to Ruthanne, while she was blown away we agreed that it needed something. That something became the –ize break. I read it out in Carleton Place as a try out and thought I was set for the CapSlam Semi-Finals.


I did a lot worse at the semis than I had expected and it was partly due to a weak response to this poem.
At first I was mad. I was told by a couple of people that it was just a bunch of rhyming words. That told me people weren’t listening to the meaning of the poem. (I realize that it is hard to follow every word, the general meaning should still be clear.)

Then I saw video of my performance.

Wow. It was awful. REALLY awful. The cadence was forced and my lack of confidence leaked all over the stage.

Ugh. It wasn’t the poem (necessarily). It was me.

So, some months later, I decided to dust off the poem and give it another go. This time I worked the performance a lot. It ended up a bit faster but with more variance in tone and some ‘mental breaks’ along the way to give the listener a break. (‘Hell no’, ‘fornication’, ‘translation’, ‘speculation’ etc.)

I gave it a new shot at the slam last week.

Now THAT is the reaction I had expected! People loved it, especially the poets!

I enjoy performing it… it is so NOT me, well still being me, if that makes any sense.

    Darwin’s Theory of Revolution

The question of civilization
Through convention
Or attributation of designation
Is no mere irritation.
Does adaptation come
Through Evolution or Revolution?
With the assumption
Of authentication
Many nations have
Confused causation
With justification.
The brutalization of the
Population may end with
Castigation by the
United Nations,
But any reaction to militarization
Or decimation is countered
By the bureaucratization
Of delegitimization.
So it is the mobilization
Of the population that
Will push democratization
Or any other designation
Appropriate to the denunciation
Of election aberrations.
Whether emancipation or
Federalization of faction
Function germination,
Humanization is
So is inflammation and
Intervention necessary for
Legitimization of Revolution?
Is change just resolution
Of modifications
With mitigation by modernization?


True Evolution comes through
Cerebration and the
Dissemination of knowledge
Normalization across the
The resolution of fertilization
(Through fornication without
Contraception) with a
Saturation of positive
Perpetuation of unification
Leads to victimization truncation.

The valuation of transformation
Beats the temptation of
The resolution of mental
Evolution will put
Any collection of nations
Into syncopation
And the stigmatization of
Sublimation will face
Correction or stagnation.

Of course this is all just
Speculation as it will take
Generations of education
And the solidification of
Retention selection.
But if the absorption of
Socialization rationalization
Leads to rejuvenation
Then the restoration of
Excitation will be no exaggeration.
It will take perspiration
And organization exasperation
But frustration exemplification
Forces examination
And the exculpation of
The exaction of erudition
Leads to detribalization
And dysfunction castration.

If you aggrandize
Convenient lies
And categorize
College tries
The logic will circularize
Until you conceptualize the prize
And destabilize or idealize
While we prioritize the deep flies.
My attempts to lyricize
These brain-wave spies
Might mechanize rather than
As long as it doesn’t
Monopolize our mental ties.

Excuse the editorialization
But it’ll be
Revelation and
Revolution in the form
Of civilization

Exultation & ovation


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