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CONTEXT: March, 2011

I wrote this around when my niece was graduating from high school and I believed she was going to come live with us for a while as she was university bound.

She didn’t come and it stayed in my book.

The premise still stands, though, and who knows what the future may bring.

I guess my sister is going to read it now. 🙂


I probably shouldn’t let my sister
Hear this poem
But it is not for her anyway.
This poem is for her daughter,
My niece,
As she readies herself
For her next great adventure,
Leaving the nest at a dead run
But this Icarus needs to test the sun.
Far from home, but not from family
As our doors gape wide,
But let me calm your fears, Kira.
We aren’t your parents.
I know that every generation
Looks askance at those ahead
On the highway, understandably,
But we aren’t all the
Conservative inhabitants of
The establishment
Insisting on long-term thinking,
Forgetting that every day
Starts with a sunrise
And the birth of promise,
And every night hides new mysteries
Waiting to be puzzled out.
No, we are the ageless sages
Who refuse to call yours
The good years
Because that puts a cap on them,
With a flat top and tassel.

It is time for choices
…And mistakes.
False starts and
We will listen when you are
Talking out that third
Major change before
Second year and that
Unreliable rock star that
Left you crying in your beer.

Let me be clear –
If anyone ACTUALLY hurts you
I will kick their ass
But hearts heal
No matter how it feels
When you find him lip-locked
With that Emma Peel wannabe
Outside of Rooster’s –
And we can score you some weed
If you want it.
And if you want a place for that
‘Special friend’ to stay,
That over-protection comes in
A box marked Trojan.
We’ll stand clear when you need
And prop up when you lean
As your future unfolds as it will.

I recently saw a letter
From a concerned writer
Who asked a Newspaper Career Counsellor
What to do about a daughter
Who avowed to become a poet.
There were words like
‘Practical’ and ‘stability’
As the two of them shared
A conspiratorial chuckle.
Nowhere did it say anything about
Helping her to become
The best poet she could be
Or the relative world need
Of a poet, compared to something
Like say a Newspaper Career Counsellor.

I’m not saying you should be a poet
But find what makes your
Heart sing
And what lets you link with the
Universe in perfect symbiosis
And don’t worry about
Other people’s notions of
Practical and safe.

Your uncle is a poet,
Your aunt is a storyteller,
But you are the universe –
Your mind expanding Like stardust – propelled by
The Big Bang of that
Moment that you realize
That the world belongs
To you.

Release the handbrake
But you control the accelerator

Experience what the world has to offer
And offer the world your experience
And when it gets too much
We can also be your cocoon
Reminding you that above all,
You are loved.

  1. Loh El says:

    Beeeauuutiful piece Rusty. I’m sure your niece would be very touched to hear this upon being welcomed into your home.

  2. Toni says:

    Making your sister cry.
    I love you!

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