Rusty @ CapSlam ReCap

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

I wasn’t planning on slamming. I had slammed at the last show and I wasn’t working on anything new since I had a feature out in Carleton Place on Friday. So, when the list looked a little light (‘Tis the season…), I was self-pressganged into duty.

Then I drew the bullet. Oh well. That isn’t automatically the kiss of death but the crowd was as yet ‘unmotivated’. I went the same route I did in the Finals last year, blasting out Angst to get the crowd excited. It wouldn’t help my scores but it’ll pick the room up for the poets that follow. In the end, it was only an exceptionally large time penalty by Ray that kept me from finishing last.

The show was strong. V getting the win was pretty awesome. She is pretty new and she needs to allow her confidence to catch up to her poetry and this will go a long way towards doing that. She could be a force at the semis this year.

Just Jamaal’s second piece was intense! I am so glad he snuck into the second round (.1 less would have sunk him) so we could see that. Big piece and it vaulted him from fifth to missing the win by .1!

Then there was the Youth team! I had the great pleasure of letting them know that VERSeFest wants to book them! Mark your calenders for March 1st! (Hey, mark them for Feb 28th to March 4th. The whole week is going to be amazing!)

Now we get a little break as it is three weeks until the next slam but before then we have Once Upon A Slam on Dec. 30th! Be there!

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