2011 in Review!

Posted: December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is the statistical review of Rusty the Poet!

Total Views (all-time) – 9,156
Most Views in one day (Nov. 9th, 2011) – 1,520

Nearly 17% of my views ALL TIME came in one day. That would be fine if the blog had only existed for a week, rather than the two years I have been running.

Results for the Year


The top 3 are Facebook, Google and Twitter. From a more specific source, my top referrer for the year was Nadine Thornhill’s blog!

Search Terms

The most common search term that found this blog was (duh) “Rusty Priske”. Past that, the most common search term that found this blog was “Nathanael Larochette”, my former partner in arms over at the Capital Poetry Collective.

I am glad it wasn’t the search term that FELT like kept hitting me all year. Variations on rape and comics. More on that later.


The most read post on the blog this year was Rape and Comics. This was a big deal for me… something that bothered me a lot that turned into a hatefest. Thankfully there were some (few) people who rose up in my defense, but overall it was pretty sucktastic. It also led to the creation of my new blog, Rusty’s World. Unfortunately it also taught me how many people out there are putting those two terms into search engiines every single day.

I despair for humanity.

That post garnered 1,460 hits. Second was Oversensitive Idiot (same topic) with 208.

The most hits for a post that includes actual poetry was Tricks (with 124)… but that was still related to ‘controversy’. I was accused of being overly critical of the sex-industry. Way to not actually read the poem, folks!

That post was actually FROM 2010 (though the bulk of the hits came this summer). The post FROM 2011 that was both poetry related and got the most hits was The Company Store… a poem I have never actually performed!


The most clicks away from this blog went to my new book, Rusty Priske: Trapeze Artist!


The most active commenter on the site (all time) is Nadine Thornhill! Thanks Nadine!

Even though the BIG things on this blog this year were naegative, it was still a mostly positive year. Here is looking forward to 2012!

  1. nadinethornhill says:

    And now Imma comment some more! Gotta maintain my standing in 2012.

    The comic thing still irritates me. Not your initial post, obviously, but the backlash was ridiculous. I don’t despair however. There may be a world full of boneheads out there, but people like you still speak out and people like you are a hundred times better than all of them put togther. So there!

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