Slamming Weekend

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This weekend started off badly as Thursday night I found myself both dead tired and unable to sleep. I have been having problems with unfocused stress lately and it has be taking it out on my sleep patterns somewhat (among other things).

I ended up staying home from work. As it is I only got aobut 3-4 hours of sleep.

Early Friday afternoon Brad Morden contacted me and asked if I was going out to Perth that night for the Lanark Slam that evening. I wasn’t but Johnny MacRae was in town and he could use a lift. We decided that we would make a trip of it with Ruthanne and Brad also coming.

The LiPS slam out in Lanark County is always fun. It is a VERY different feel from the slams in town. Brad nad I both decided to slam! (Ottawa poets are welcome to slam in Lanark but our scores do not count towards their season to ensure a Lanark County Team rather than an Ottawa offshoot team. Good idea, in my opinion. I think more communities should do that…)

The judging that night was… different than what I am used to. All five judges were new to slam (I later learned) and they didn’t seem to really like ‘slam-style’ pieces… except when they did. It was postulated that they seemed to like things with a very clear and direct message.

I did my new piece ‘Four-Colour World’ and did fairly poorly. Brad also did much less than expected.

In the second round I did a toned-down version of FN and that went over a lot better. I ended up in second, I believe.

On Saturday it was Capital Slam, and I slammed, as planned, doing those same two pieces.

I drew the bullet and had to slam first. That is not a good spot and when I did ‘Four-Colour World’ I got a good reaction from the crowd but less love from the judges. I thought it was even worse because the score was initially misreported as 25.2 (instead of 26.2) and I didn’t notice the change. I was followed by a fairly new poet and four BRAND new pots who all (I thought) outscored me. By the end I thought I was in 11th. Turns out I was in 6th.

One of those new poets DID outscore me but she (Zorah Bryant) had to leave at the break so she was dropped from the second round, sliding me in. Now there was a gap to large to make up, but I was just happy to get to do my second piece. FN went over a LOT better, and I closed the gap quite a bit… but still ended in 5th. That’s all good.

I am now tied in 5th in the seson rankings with Colleen Leafloor and Mia Morgan (who won on Saturday). The top 4 are Loh El, Just Jamaal, ArRay-of-WoRds and V.

Next up is the Ottawa Women’s Slam Championship on Saturday… but first I need to try to get through this week without feeling like a zombie.

Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

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