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Well, that was a good long weekend. (I work in Quebec and Monday was a gov holiday)

Friday was the Once Upon A Slam Finals. I was the DJ / Scorekeeper / Timekeeper / whatever…

I will post my playlist a little later, but due to the heat and the large fans, the music was not quite as effective as I would like regardless.

Of course, the music is not why people go to the show (as much as I would wish otherwise) 🙂

The stories and the tellers were great! Of special note is Kate Hunt, who has gone from a storytelling neophyte who seemed to mostly trying the story slam because her partner in the Kymeras (Ruthanne Edward) was running it… to finishing in second at the season finals! Only David Hickey stood between her and the title. David was the co-winner last year (tied with Danielle K.L. Gregoire), and is a much more experienced teller. He tends to do folk tales, which is not what interests me the most, but he is a lot more polished than anyone else.

Another high point was Ronsense (who was a CapSlam finalist) doing a couple of personal stories… one of which I had heard before but it was quite poignant. Also Marie Bilodeau and ArRay-of-Words who brought the funny, and… well all of them were great.

Saturday was the LiPS Slam Finals out in Perth and they had graciously asked me to be the host for the show. This is the fifth year they have been running and I have hosted ever since year 2 (I was at Year 1 as a guest judge), and it is always a lot of fun!

Ruthanne was the scorekeeper / timekeeper and we brought Brad Morden (the CPC Director) out as a guest judge. Also coming out from the CapSlam community were John Akpata and Just Jamaal (as guest judges) and Sense-Say and ArRay-of-WoRds as sacrificial poets.

What a wonderful night of poetry! In the end it was Tammy Mackenzie who became the LiPs champion (for the second time, I believe) who is joined by a team of Poetiquette, Andy Kerr-Wilson, Danielle K.L. Gregoire and b!WILDer. It is the second appearance on a LiPS team for all of them except Danielle who FOUNDED the Lanark County Slam scene as well as being a former CPC Director and a former member of the Capital Slam team!

I performed a poem as well. Earlier in the day I received an e-mail from someone who… well, I don’t want to get into it too much here, but it reminded me how important what we do really is. The messages we spread – the stories we tell – the insights and expressions and revelations… all so important.

That convinced me to do a poem I had only ever performed once before, at my birthday party – Heaven.

After the show some of us met up with C.R. Avery who was doing a private show in Carleton Place. He is also performing in Gatineau tonight so if you see this in time… go to that! I am hoping to see you there… if I am not too exhausted.

Lots of good stuff… and a couple more big things coming.


The Capital Poetry Collective Annual General Meeting – This is where the decisions are made that dictate the future of the Collective and Capital Slam, the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam etc. It is at 7pm so come by if you have any stake it these series or spoken word in Ottawa.


This is the first of our summer slams so you know it is going to be hot! In addition to an open sign-up slam, we are presenting the Soles of Australia Tour as we get a couple of poets from Australia gracing our stage!

  1. just an fyi, Tammy, Poetiquette and b!WILDer have been on the team 3 times each now

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