Gigging at the O.A.R. Launch… and a Bittersweet Goodbye

Posted: July 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last night I was invited to share some poetry at the Ottawa Arts Review launch along side some good friends and fellow poets, Apollo the Child, ArRay-of-WoRds and Just Jamaal.

It was a lot of fun! There were also a couple of bands on the bill rocking the stage.

I changed my set at the last minute, after Jamaal did one of his remixes and apologized for his singing. You want to hear bad singing? 🙂

I did Stroll On, Trapeze Artist and The Stranger.

Tonight is a show that will also be a lot of fun, but for a much less awesome reason. One of best friends, an amazing poet and poetry organizer, and one of my partners in the Copper Conundrum, Danielle K.L. Gregoire, is moving across the continent to Seattle.
It is for a very good reason and I am happy for her and her family (including two kids who are pretty much my third niece and first nephew), but for me it leaves a gaping hole in the community and my life.

For those who know, there is no need to explain how important Danielle has been to the spoken word community in Ottawa and Lanark County. For those that don’t know, it is very hard to describe.

When Greg Frankson left the helm of Capital Slam, it was Danielle who took over and kept the show afloat during its ‘lean’ times. She ran the show for a year and a half, long enough to see the bright future loom before turning the reigns of the Collective over to Nathanael Larochette and myself.

She then moved out to Lanark County where she founded the slam scene out there – and sent a team to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (they have now gone FOUR times, and are the only ‘rural’ scene to attend even once!) She also ran her own series, the Spoken Word Plot. She ran a few Poetry Potluck shows – something that has to be experienced to be understood.
To understand the effect she had out there, for those poetry fans in the ‘big cities’, look at this (partial) list of performers who have performed in LANARK COUNTY due to Danielle being there to show the way:

Shane Koyczan
C.R. Avery
‘Mighty’ Mike McGee
The Fugitives
The Recipe
El Jones and IzReal
Kevin Matthews
Rusty Priske


Seriously though, that is just amazing.

Anyway, tonight at Pressed, Jenna Tenn-Yuk has offered her show as a going away show/party for Danielle. At her request the theme of the night is covers, so come down and share a cover poem that you really love. I know some of what is going down (including a cover of one of my piece by Sean O’Gorman). I will be performing a poem that you have probably never heard but is incredibly appropriate for the show.

Pressed, 7pm. $10 or pay what you can with the proceeds being split amongst CapSlam, LiPs (the Lanark County Slam) and Urban Legends.

See you there! You will regret it if you miss this show!


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