Tomorrow is the Day

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tomorrow is supposedly the day I will find out if I get to keep my job or not.

14 years comes down to a budgetary line item.

Based on things I have heard from people who have talked about the ‘workforce adjustment’ (nice words. Call it what it is, firing people), there are certain things that I won’t abide and I ask you not to say such things around me if you wish to maintain our friendship.

1. Do not tell me that the cuts are something that should happen… especially if you don’t work IN the government and don’t have a fucking clue what you are talking about. If you do so, I MIGHT tell you how overworked our group is and how we are constantly rated as understaffed. More likely I will just tell you shut the hell up.

2. Do not tell me that it is all bullshit for the papers and in the end nobody gets fired anyway. I KNOW people who have lost their jobs due to the conservatives valuing business interests over the actual working people in this country so keep ‘what you heard’ to yourself and the con papers.

3. DO NOT TELL ME THAT IT MIGHT BE A BLESSING IN DISGUISE. People are all too willing to tell other peple that they should be willing to turn their lives upside down for the chance that things will be better in the end. It is almost as bad as idiots telling someone who has lost someone that ‘they are in a better place’. If you are okay with losing everything on a pipedream, feel free. Just don’t try to tell me to do it.

Only one person gets to say it. Me.

4. Lastly, don’t tell me you voted for Harper and his band of greed mongers and liars. What would you think if someone came to your house, stole all your stuff, cleaning you out, and then I told you that I thought the thief was a great guy and I support him in everything he does?

Thought so. The current regime are union busters. I have no patience for anyone who thinks it is okay to systematically dismantle the rights of the people of this country. None whatsoever.

Now that the groundrules are in order, I will go back to trying not to gouge out my own eyes while waiting to find out if I have been deemed expendable.

  1. deekayelgee says:

    I am feeling anxious. Is everything alright? I can’t imagine being in this situation, and wouldn’t dream of saying any of the above. I love you, and hope that your job is safe.

  2. rpriske says:

    It seems I have dodged the bullet. Many around me have not. I feel fortunate but it still isn’t very celebratory around here.

    • Mom says:

      Thank goodness your still okay. It is a very tough position to be in though, when some of your friends & c o workers have to leave & you are left. I went through that with my job at Sears. Love you Mom

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